Is Tencent Meeting Safe? Here Are The Facts!

Safer than any US-based App if you aren’t living in China. Even if you are in China, the question shouldn’t worry you, as long as better not to do illegal things.

It offers secure, reliable, convenient and cloud-based HD conferencing services that you can host or join video meetings at any time and anywhere.

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What Is Tencent Meeting

Tencent meeting is a cloud-based video conferencing tool on app stores. 

Tencent Meeting across more than 100 markets, including Singapore, India, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its online conferencing application can host up to 300 attendees simultaneously and is available for free on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

tencent meeting

Is the Tencent meeting the same as VooV Meeting?

Tencent meeting is the same as VooV Meeting.VooV Meeting is an international version of the Tencent meeting. Tencent meeting is the Chinese version.

  • Overseas users (outside mainland China), if you do not have a domestic Chinese mobile phone number, it is recommended to use the international version.
  • The international version and the Chinese version are compatible.
  • India does not support Tencent meeting (both international and Chinese versions). The international version does not support recording and adding meeting lists.

Is that unsafe?

Anyone who uses Tencent meeting knows that the app will do the following:

  1. Require an identification
    1. The phone number, for example, is necessary to activate the account
  2. Collect the information based on the countries where they operate
    1. All the social media companies have to follow the local rules of the countries where they operate

Facebook, Google, and others HAVE to do the same.

The only difference with the Tencent meeting? The first 2 are from the USA and Tencent (the company that owns and runs Tencent meeting) is Chinese.

Just like many other online conferencing applications out there, Tencent Meeting security does not use end-to-end encryption.

This means that the information that is shared through the platform does not stay between the two end-users.

Tencent Meeting employs transport encryption instead. This means that the data is encrypted between the user and Tencent Meeting’s server.

How safe is your information as an American using Tencent Meeting?

Tencent meeting is safer than any US-based App. Tencent Meeting is owned by Tencent Holdings, a Chinese company subject to Chinese, not US laws. That means Tencent is partially owned by the Chinese Government (CCP) and all companies in China are to comply and cooperate with the Chinese Government so if they ask for any data Tencent meeting has to comply without any questions.

Although Tencent Meeting is owned by a private company, Tencent follows the jurisdiction of the Chinese government.

The Chinese online meeting app is far from being safe in terms of privacy and data collection through Tencent is one of the world’s largest Internet firms.

As for living in China—groups are policed more than one-to-one conversations. I’ve heard and seen groups get shut down because the content was too scandalous. For private communication, however, I’ve never experienced any problems—and I have really wide-ranging conversations with my friends during Tencent meetings.

If I were a journalist, member of an NGO, or government, however, I wouldn’t be using Tencent meeting(or any unencrypted messaging system for communication). For the average person, a Tencent meeting is okay to use—but mini-programs can be quite invasive of your privacy. You might just want to check the progress on a package, but that mini program will want to see your name, photo, contacts, location, etc. Totally unnecessary, IMO.

The US cannot compel Tencent Meeting to turn over anything.

If you couldn’t care less what the China government sees, the Tencent Meeting is safe. 

Tencent Meeting safely

How to use Tencent Meeting safely

The best and only way to be absolutely sure you’re safe from Tencent Meeting’s surveillance is to never register for it in the first place.

If you find yourself in the situation of having to use this app, here are some safety tips that might make your messaging and communication safer:

However, dropping Tencent Meeting entirely might be difficult for many people. If you live in China, it’s almost impossible not to use Tencent Meeting. So here’s how to use it safely:

  • Be cautious. Don’t share sensitive information on the app. Try to discuss these things in person or over a secure messaging app.
  • Pay attention to permissions. Try to limit them to only the ones that are necessary for the app to function properly.
  • Use a strong password.  If you reuse passwords often, at least come up with a separate one for Tencent Meeting. This way, if Tencent Meeting gets compromised, it won’t affect your other accounts. Need help coming up with a strong password? Try using a password generator.
  • Get another device. If you can, consider having a dedicated smartphone for Tencent Meeting communication.
  • Update often. This goes for any popular app. The more users a service has, the more attractive it is to cybercriminals. To minimize the risk of a serious data breach, always update your app to get the latest security patches.

Where to download Tencent Meeting safely?

Please notice to download it from the official website or from google play or the app store.

It has PC and Mobile terminals. Download link

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