How to get a Virtual Phone Number to Receive SMS Verification

You can use Verificationfree to get a virtual US phone number to receive SMS.  

  • Without registration. It’s quick and painless. 
  • Choose your phone number. 
  • Complete the Captcha, so we know you’re not a robot 
  • Click submit to view your messages, and you are done! 

How does this Receive SMS Online tool protect my personal number?

It protects your personal phone number because it never has to enter the system of the app you’re registering with. Instead, you’ll get a free virtual number to use. The recipient on the other end only sees Textr’s temporary phone number.

Can I use more than one number to receive SMS online?

Our free Receive SMS Online Tool currently supports these 7 region numbers. However with Verificationfree, you can have as many additional numbers as you need for temporary use, and you can use them instead of your regular phone number. Try Verificationfree for separating your personal and work number! Stay anonymous when you need to, and your phone will thank you.

To learn more about Verificationfree, see our main webpage. If you’d like to use Verificationfree’s web app.

Why get a second phone number?

You likely already have experienced some situations where a second phone number, even temporarily, would be so helpful. Think about all the times you’ve needed to register for an account but don’t want to hand out your primary number!

But why pay for a second line? Some do it because they think they need a number based in a certain country for apps like PayPal, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and more. But Verificationfree has verification-friendly phone numbers based all over the world, ready to grab whenever you need them.

Is this tool completely free?

Yes! Our Receive SMS Online tool is completely free.