How to Create a Naver Account and Verify It? (Solved!)

Naver Account is the key to unlocking free access to Naver’s features and services. Creating a Naver account for foreigners is easy and to use Naver Pay and Kakao Pay without a Korean bank account or phone number.

NAVER is the parent company of the famous social software LINE, the fifth largest search engine in the world (after Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing), and also the largest search engine and portal website in South Korea, providing e-mail services, e-commerce parts With the function of Naver shopping.

Foreign visitors can link their credit cards to a Naver or Kakao account, or use a prepaid card that can be purchased at convenience stores

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Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to create an account at

How to Create a Naver Account

You need a valid phone number, either from Korea or overseas.

If you want to create a Naver account without a phone number. You can use SMS activation services to register a Naver account without a phone number.

Using the temporary US or other number is good. If your phone number isn’t supported to receive a Naver verification code, you can try a virtual phone number from one of those ‘receive SMS online ‘ services. Those online places where you can use a U.S. phone number to get an SMS.

Go to the official website

Open  in your browser or the Naver App on mobile, and click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner.

Naver detects you’re using a foreign IP address, the form will be rendered in English automatically. So, no need to use the translation toolbar or plugin.

naver sign up

Check to Agree to the Terms and Conditions

On the next page, click the first green circle icon to agree to the terms of service.

If you don’t want to share your user location or receive promotional information, you can tick just the first two required items and click Confirm.

naver sign up

Fill in personal information

Let us deal with filling in your personal data.

Create a username & password and then fill in the other necessary personal information. You don’t need to give a recovery email as it’s not required.

naver sign up

Verify your phone number and hit “Sign Up”

Click the Verify button after entering the cell phone number, and other details. Naver will send a six verification code via SMS. It will be sent immediately. It might be delayed. Just wait for the text message to arrive probably within 10 minutes.

Naver verification code

You can verify the cell phone number again to request another code. It’s free! If you don’t receive the code after several attempts, try to edit the phone number instead.

When I first signed up for Naver, I couldn’t receive the Naver verification code SMS. I tried to use the U.S. virtual number, but I still couldn’t receive the verification code. After checking the TOS of Naver, which says that virtual number registration is not supported, I changed the Thailand wireless phone number in the verificationfree platform, but I still couldn’t receive the SMS verification code.

South Korea’s IP

I wonder if it is Naver preventing overseas users from registering? So I switched to South Korea’s IP of the Oracle cloud server and then clicked the Send code button.

As a result, not only Thailand mobile phone numbers can receive SMS verification codes, but US virtual mobile phone numbers can also receive SMS verification codes. It seems Naver is restricting the registration of overseas IP addresses.

naver sign up success

Log in and enjoy the whole Naver experience!

On the left side of Naver’s dashboard are the avatar and personal information. Click Security to modify the linked mobile phone number. At the bottom on the right side are the services associated with the Naver account.

Click Secure ID to perform Naver registration real-name authentication. Use Korean identity information or an overseas passport for authentication.

There is a letter logo in the upper right corner of the login account page, click the letter icon to enter the Naver mailbox.

Naver Account

Naver Mail is an email service that offers all Naver accounts 5GB of storage for emails and attachments. You essentially get a new email address that you can use for all kinds of purposes in Korea, and you can even connect your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other addresses in order to see all your emails in one place.

You can use Naver Mail through the mobile app (Play Store/App Store).

The initial capacity of the Naver mailbox is 5GB, and it can be increased to 25G.

naver eamil box

Naver MyBOX is the company’s cloud storage platform. With a Naver Account, you get a generous 30 GB of storage to use freely (compared to the 15GB in Google Drive), with the possibility to extend up to 80GB in exchange for a premium. You can use MyBOX to store and share documents, images, videos, and any other important files you have.

Although MyBOX is fully in Korean, you can get around it by right-clicking the page and choosing “Translate to English”, if you are using the Chrome browser. It’s a piece of cake from there on. The app version is available in both Play Store and App Store.

Naver Office Suite online is similar to Google Docs (documents, sheets, slides, forms). You can work with all kinds of files and documents in Naver Office Suite.

The only downside is that Naver Office is fully in Korean and the Google Chrome page translation function doesn’t seem to work on it.

You can use Naver Map App without a Naver account. But if you have an account you can log in to save you lots of time by allowing you to save all your favorite places in various categories. You can save your home address, your school, your office, and other places you visit frequently, and also build a bucket list of restaurants, cafes, and places you would like to visit. You can also customize the categories whichever way you want to.

Naver Pay is a payment system especially useful for Naver’s shopping platform (Naver Shopping), where authorized sellers put their products up for sale. To set up Naver Pay, you need to connect a valid Korean bank account to your Naver account, then you’re ready to shop!

How to Verify Naver Account and Set Up Naver Pay for Foreigners?

You can do this from both Korea and overseas.

From Korea, you will need a Korean phone number and your phone close to you.

From abroad, you will need a scan of a valid government-issued identification document like a passport or a driver’s license.

You can do this from both desktop and mobile, but we recommend doing it from your PC, especially if you are doing it from overseas, as some part of the verification process seems to sometimes glitch on mobile.

If you are already in Korea and have a valid Korean phone number that you got with your ARC (Alien Registration Card), then this will be very quick.

STEP 1 – Open Naver and Log In

Verify Naver Account

STEP 2 – Go to your Account Info and click on “Edit”

Verify Naver Account

STEP 3 – Click on “Verify”

Verify Naver Account from Overseas

If you don’t have a Korean ID and phone number, you can still verify your Naver account with a foreign ID card (passport or driver’s license).

Verify Naver Account from Overseas

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “If you need help”, then proceed to click on “help”

Verify Naver Account from Overseas

On the new page, scroll down to “Foreigners (without an alien registration card)” and fill out the whole form according to the instructions.

Verify Naver Account from Overseas

Make sure to tick all consent boxes. When attaching a photo of your valid ID, make sure to cover all important information except full name, birthday and gender (you can even cover up your photo), since that’s all Naver needs to check.

Then, click “Submit”!

Within 24 hours, Naver should get back to you with an email confirming that your account has been successfully verified.

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